Pecan Milk Co-op: Midtown Gays

We’re back on the shelves of our Midtown and West Midtown Atlanta stores: Savi Provisions Midtown and Floral Park Market. We’re proud of having maintained our relationship with Little Five Points member cooperative Sevananda Natural Foods Market Cooperative for a year consistently.

After supplying Midtown Atlanta stores in 2018, we learned how unique and specific the patrons of each store can be. The marketing tactics that work well in a vegetarian health food co-op like Sevananda don’t work at every store. Our cooperative had to ask for a pause from Savi and Floral Park in order to figure out great ways to market in Midtown where a lot of people like healthy food but are more corporate and business-minded.

We are absolutely still learning so much, but we increased our social media activity, had a poster designed and have to transform our demos. Some Instagram and Facebook ads were sponsored while we found creative methods of seeking more followers. Our secret comes from a local organizer that encouraged us to follow the followers of similar firms/brands; if they’re interested, then they’ll follow back.

Our relationships with these wonderful Midtown Atlanta health food stores are active once again.

Pecan Milk