Our cooperative

Pecan Milk Cooperative, LLC was founded in pecan season (around November) 2014. Exactly two years later, we sold fresh pecan milk for the first time at the East Atlanta Village Farmer’s Market. The following year, we were accepted into over a dozen Atlanta area farmer’s markets (Piedmont Park, Decatur, Sandy Springs, etc.).

These days, Atlantans can find pecan milk at independent grocery stores and coffee shops or delivered to their door just like the nostalgic milk-man (or woman/person).



We are proud ATL-iens. Based here in Georgia in the Southeastern United States, we know that there are not many worker-owned businesses or nut milk manufacturers in this part of the country.



The same folks that do the hard work of making pecan milk in the commercial kitchen proudly do the hard work of making business decisions in the conference room. Workers own the business. The owners work for the business.



Our “Voluntary and Open Membership” principle requires that all races can join the co-op, but we are proud to be primarily African-American and African-descendant business owners.

Here in the South, Black folks weren’t always the owners of our own work. We’re here to switch that around.



We are proud lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender persons, queers, pansexuals, intersex and asexual folks.

Our queer identities help us see how society can be different: try pecan milk instead of cow’s milk to start.



We are business-owners in our twenties and early thirties, so we’re not too proud to ask for some help with the cooperative.