nutty amount of pecans! no thickeners.

There’s a deceitful yet rampant industry recipe for dairy-free milk alternatives. It’s a cheap recipe with just a few almonds, soybeans, or whatever with added thickeners: locust bean gum, carageenan, gellan gum, lecithin, guar gum, and so forth. Those thickening agents make up for a pitiful lack of real substance. Several countries regulate nut milk makers to confess how many nuts are actually in their concoctions; it’s just two percent (2%).

None of the dairy-free milks hand-crafted by Pecan Milk Cooperative include any thickening agents. That’s because we use a large amount of real Georgia pecans!

The all-natural makeup of pecan milk allows for the pecan fats and filtered water to separate naturally as nothing binds them together. Shake it like a Polaroid picture.


Georgia grown

Pecan Milk is local. We use real pecans from Georgia farms to hand-craft dairy-free milk from a commercial kitchen in Atlanta. We got our start here at metropolitan Atlanta farmer’s markets. We pay taxes to the Georgia Department of Revenue and are regulated by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Pecans grow in Georgia more than anywhere else. This just makes sense.



Pecans are extremely nutritious anti-oxidants especially full of manganese and copper. Rich in magnesium, zinc and copper, pecan milk also has more protein than other nut milks. Our special recipe that includes many times more nuts than other nut milks makes for a uniquely healthy dairy alternative. Pecans are high in good fat that include omega-3 and -6. This is seriously good for you!

Click the picture to get a full estimate of the nutrition facts, including the many good calories from real pecans!

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super delicious

How could a hand-crafted blend of local pecans, optional dates for sweetness and several flavors be anything but wildly delicious?

When you consume pecans that are freshly grown in Georgia, the taste is so much deeper than the nuts you can sometimes find at a big grocery store. If we had a nickel for every time sweetened pecan milk reminded someone of “butter pecan ice cream”…