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What’s better about PECAN MILK?

The bottom line is that any milk from our co-op has far more real food than the standard industry recipe. Before we came along and companies like ours, most nut milkers used just 2% nuts with thickening agents like carageenan, lecithin, guar gum and so forth to pretend like there were a lot of nuts. Our milks use nearly 1/5 pecans, oats or sunflowers without any of those thickening agents. Our pecans are from real Georgia orchards. Pecans are a highly nutritious antioxidant full of healthy unsaturated fats and over nineteen different vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium.

 How do you make dairy-free milk?

First, we’ll soak pecans in filtered water and sea salt so they get fat like when you soak beans. Soaking also helps remove phytic acids that render some nutrients less bio-available. After soaking, Georgia pecans, sea salt and flouride-free filtered water are blended together. Sometimes dates are added for sweetness. Then, we pour the mixture through a strainer.

why so expensive?

We fill our dairy-free milk with lots of real pecans. Pecans are a very expensive nut. The co-op only makes a little money off of the top to keep our operation going. A farmer’s market manager once called us “the people’s milk”; we want to be accessible. That’s why we also share milks out of oat and sunflower seeds, which are much more affordable.

Remember, also, that we are a worker-owned business, so expect the people that work for the co-op to be compensated fairly.

In compliance with the FDA and GA Dept. of Agriculture, we operate with commercial equipment out of commercial facilities.

what is a worker cooperative?

A cooperative is a business that is owned and managed by the people that needs its products or services. Some examples include credit unions, land trusts and community-owned grocery stores or bicycle shops. The members of our cooperative specifically need dignified work, and they prepare and deliver high-quality dairy-free milk. The surplus (or profits) we make are collectively controlled by the laborers. Our worker-owners review the finances of the cooperative and work to make the business successful.